Is Your Reputation Under Attack?

We can help put things right - welcome to ON! Online Reputation Management Services.

Has your reputation has been unfairly dragged through the mud?

Embarrassed that friends and family are reading those horrible reviews?

How long are you going to ignore this problem? Until it becomes a bigger problem?


Do you really think that Facebook or Google are going to help?

The sad truth is - those giant corporations don't care.

Are you ready to take care of this NOW?

Why ON! Online Reputation Management?

We know how you feel.

It's a business owner's worst nightmare.

You open your phone and see a 1/5 star review of your business.

Did your heart nearly stop when you first realised that someone had left you a really bad review?


I know the feeling because it's happened to my clients.

Luckily I knew how to fix the bad review so that it wouldn't ruin their business.

Just imagine all those years of hard work building your reputation, GONE! Overnight!


You deserve so much better than this nonsense.

And if you act NOW you can take control over this situation.


How ON! Reputation Management Can Help:

Face-to-Face Meeting

$450 per 90 minute consultation.

Skype Consultation

$150 per 60 minutes Skype call.

Online Courses

$50 for every 30 minute course.

Let me tell you a story...

There was once a small business who did everything right by their customers, absolutely everything.

They were honest, hardworking and fair and this earned them a 4.9 rating out of 5 on Facebook.

Life was great, and their family-owned business was doing very well.


But every story has an evil villain.

This villain (a competitor) went to a very popular freelancing website and hired someone from halfway across the world.

To do what? To give our poor small business 200 1/5 star reviews on their Facebook page.

The next morning the business owner got up checked Facebook and was stunned to see that their rating had plummeted.


Now you might think I'm making this story up.

If you think I am, then I urge you to click on this link and you'll see that it actually happened to a local family business called Long's Jewelers

The sad truth is that these people exist and it could happen to you.

What's even scarier is that these reputation destroying services can be purchased for just a couple of hundred dollars.


Yes, this is an extreme example.

But consider that bad reviews cost ordinary business like yours on average $10,000 to $30,000 per year

Imagine what you could do with an extra $10,000 per year?

Think of the equipment that you can purchase, perhaps you could even hire an additional staff member at part-time.

What if you could avoid this five figure expense by working with a reputation management company that charges if fraction of this cost?

Ready to save your company's reputation?

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I ignore this?


Worst case scenario is you leave this unaddressed and people start to think of your company as one of ‘those’ companies. One of those companies it's really more interested in making money than in delighting their customers and that's not fair on you and all the years of hard work that you've put into your business.

Worse still is the effect on your self-esteem, you start to doubt yourself, maybe you start to feel depressed and feel like a failure. And this is the greatest tragedy of all because then the person who gave you that bad review wins.

And they win by using dirty tactics.

And personally that's unacceptable to me and that's why I started this website that you're visiting right now.


Why can't I handle this myself?


Don't get me wrong - you can! If you spend the time and energy figuring out HOW to do it

But why would you want to?

Do you need even more frustration in your life?

But why would you want to?

And even if you can handle the frustration, what's even worse is that sometimes you take this frustration out on those that you love the most. And it's not your fault because every business owner that deals with this goes through this.

We can relieve this pressure because we know how to fight back with weapons incomparably stronger than the people who left those bad reviews.

Don't let these people get away with it you can still win back your good reputation.

But it's also important not to get too worked up about this. Once you partner with a good reputation management firm bad reviews will become a small nuisance that you've barely notice.

In many cases people let this situation spiral out of control and they turn a mosquito into a stealth bomber.

We can help put this problem into it's right perspective because we have the tools and experience to easily handle the situation for you.

And with us on your side you can focus on what you do best run in your business like the honest professional that you are.


Can't I just ask them nicely to change their review?


If only it was this simple.

In many cases these bad reviews were left buy competitors and really unhappy jilted individuals (also known as trolls).

And we can both agree that there is simply no reasoning with these people.

The only solution is to be smarter than them.

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